Customer Reviews

 We keep our prices affordable, so we can take care of small problems before they become a big issue. We care about the community that we live in, as well as the people who live there. It’s our job to help you keep your house a home that you love. Don’t wait, call us or book an appointment today.  

 Enteck Design Group did an excellent job working on my house. We had several repairs and I appreciate that they explained everything to me and my husband and that they made sure the work was to our satisfaction. Thank you Enteck Design Group for doing such AWESOME WORK!!!!  - Braswell  

We contracted with Enteck Design Group to install a new walkway for our home. They showed up on time and completed the job in one day.  We are very pleased with the outcome. - Brewington 

Enteck Design Group was hired to make our bathrooms handicapped accessible. They installed new handicapped handrails and a handicapped accessible sink. The project was completed on time without any problems. - Harris

We hired Enteck to provide an  Air Conditioner Tune-Up for our home system that had not be serviced in years. They were prompt and performed the task in a professional manner.  I was so pleased with their service that I signed up for an annual service plan. - Edwards